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Verhoog je productiviteit met deze online verhuursoftware. Alles getegreerd in één softwaresysteem voor jouw organisatie. Materialen, klanten, administratie, planning en alle communicatie.

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RentMagic shop

RentMagic Shop provides unprecedented interaction with your customers. In addition to offering your product catalog, it is also possible to offer information about services and customer-related information via the account page. Customers are also able to make reservations themselves.

Product catalog

Attract new customers and serve your existing customers better by publishing detailed information about your items in the product catalog. By using categorization and filters you can ensure a good shopping experience.

Product categories


Brands filter

Advanced search

Images and videos


Product specifications

Product tags and labels

Short and long descriptions

Cross selling


Packages and client advices

Customer group assortment

Specific customer assortment

Warehouse stock

Rental and sale items

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Home icon


The home page for general information.

Item overview icon


Overview of all product categories.

Clock icon


An overview of all products in a specific category.

Details icon


Details of an item, including all associated information for a possible reservation.

Shopping cart and reservations

Visitors can easily select a rental period for an article and see what the corresponding price is and whether it is still available. If the stock is insufficient, customers can be guided to order from another warehouse or depot.

Availability per warehouse

Select rental period

Online payment methods

Customer / contract prices

Attach files

Add comments

Dimension selection

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Cart icon

Shopping cart

Control for all products to be ordered.

Calendar icon


Enter all information such as reference and delivery address and then confirm.

Bell icon


Reservation confirmation by e-mail and notification to the manager.

Customer account page

After logging in, customers can take a look at their personal environment. You can track orders, as well as review what has been ordered before. In addition, you can set up your own environment differently, such as changing contacts and addresses. An overview is also shown for service management, including the required services.

Change account info

History of orders

Manage delivery addresses

Manage contacts

Manage users

Follow ongoing orders

Monitor and follow up services

Add files on order

Manage roles


RentMagic S - mockup accountpagina
ID card icon

Account info

All account info at a glance and possibility for a change request.

List icon

Order overview

An overview of all reservations and orders. Both current and from the past.

User edit icon

Contacts & addresses

Manage all users, contacts and delivery or project addresses.

Invoice icon


An overview of all invoices with which it is possible to open and print a copy.

Slide FREEDOM AND FLEXIBILITY Build your own webshop Build your own shop Build your own shop RentMagic shop is a technical platform which you can give your own "look and feel". You can customize the entire site yourself, using your own corporate identity. You can design the full page structure and presentation layer. If you miss some features you can code them by yourself. You can also take advantage of your own web platform and integrate via the REST API. An extensive step-by-step guide is available. Please contact us for more information. FREEDOM AND FLEXIBILITY RentMagic shop is een technisch platform waar je helemaal je eigen "look and feel" aan kan geven. Je kunt de volledige site naar eigen hand zetten, waarbij je een eigen huisstijl en design kunt gebruiken. De volledige pagina opbouw kun je zelf ontwerpen. Eventueel kun je ook dingen zelf bij programmeren.

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