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Verhoog je productiviteit met deze online verhuursoftware. Alles getegreerd in één softwaresysteem voor jouw organisatie. Materialen, klanten, administratie, planning en alle communicatie.

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RentMagic is available from anywhere, at any time via your browser and is platform independent. It is therefore possible to connect from any device with a browser, including mobile devices. The access to the system is secured via httpsso that the connection between your device and the environment is always encrypted. If your environment has been created in the cloud, you can open your environment via the link that has been sent by setting up your environment. If you no longer have the link, you can contact us. An address normally looks like this: and

You can logon in your environment, after you have entered the address of your environment.

Note: if your environment is not created in the cloud, but on a server of your own organization, access will work differently. Please contact your system administrator regarding this matter.


Sign in

When you open the environment, you will be greeted with a login screen. From that point, you will be able to login into RentMagic or do a request to change your password if you have managed to forget your password. Fill in the required fields and click on Log in.

  • Language: Select the language you wish RentMagic to use. The entire user interface will represent your chosen language. If you wish to change the language, you are required to login again.
  • User name: Your user name (or email address) to login. If you have lost this, you can ask your administrator.
  • Password: The corresponding password.


You can logout of RentMagic by clicking on the logoff button.

After you have signed out your session will be freed up to be used by another user.

Password forgotten

If you lose your password you will be able to request a new one via the system. A temporary password will be generated and mailed to your linked email. Following the instructions in the email will allow you to reset your password

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