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Verhoog je productiviteit met deze online verhuursoftware. Alles geïntegreerd in één softwaresysteem voor jouw organisatie. Materialen, klanten, administratie, planning en alle communicatie.

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Manual introduction

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Nice that you are using RentMagic, the online software platform for equipment rental. The platform has been developed by us to be able to manage the rental and sales of your materials in an efficient but also low-threshold way. RentMagic connects to your existing business processes, such as inventory management, financial administration, sales and planning. One of the most important features of RentMagic is that you can use the package in a simple situation, but also in a more complex environment where many rules and agreements apply.

What can you find in this manual?

In this manual, all of the functionality and the operation of RentMagic gets explained and you will even get more information about certain functions within the system. On top of that, this manual also serves as the online reference, which can be referred to when using the system. The structure of the manual has been made so it closely resembles the order and content of the main menu.

Structure of chapters

Explanation of the fields in the modules has been included underneath every chapter in the section called field definitions. Also tabs, as in related subtabs, get explained thoroughly in the section called tabs.

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