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Verhoog je productiviteit met deze online verhuursoftware. Alles geïntegreerd in één softwaresysteem voor jouw organisatie. Materialen, klanten, administratie, planning en alle communicatie.

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User interface

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The user interface is intuitive and consistent all around. If you have worked a couple of times with RentMagic, then you will start to recognize the layout rather quickly. The system is entirely responsive, meaning that the software also works rather well on mobile devices. The software regarding all right and permissions gives rather ‘full’ screens, meaning that it would be the easiest to use on a fully-fledged browser (Apple, Windows). Google Chrome is the development standard we at Infodatek make use of this means that this browser always must work. We therefore advise to make use of the newest version of Google Chrome.

Bar above

After you have signed into the system, you will always have access to the bar on top of the screen. A couple important buttons are located here which will make use of RentMagic easier.


You are able to place your favourite buttons up top per role, most of the time your most used buttons. This allows you an easy access method to a module without having to scroll through a menu.

Search field

On the right side, next to the buttons is a search field which allows you to quickly navigate to a certain module or a specific document. You can specify a document number (or a barcode/QR code of the document) in the field and a suggestion immediately appears, which you are able to click on. The system automatically opens the module or the document.

Settings button

On the top right you will find the settings button.

You can use this if you wish to logout, to check under which account you are logged in or to zoom in or out. You are also able to change account settings, for example to change your password.

  • Logged in as: The user name of who you are logged in as. In some cases it is possible that you have to log in with multiple accounts, so it is usefull to check under which account you are currently logged in.
  • Zoom: This allows you zoom in and out of your screen. This makes the entire screen bigger or smaller, allowing letters to be more readable. You can compare the zoom feature with the browsers built in feature
  • Full screen: The screen is set on full screen as standard. All modules which are opened will be in the maximum screensize. On top will be tabs located which allow you to change between modules. While using the full screen feature there will be switched between 'full size' and 'window'.
  • Change account settings: With this module you get a better insight into you own account, in other words your credentials you use to login. In this module you also are able to change your password and setup a standard warehouse. The standard warehouse will be the one which you will get into after you login, so you won't be able to mistake it for another or forget to change this while starting up.

Hide menu

If you were to press on the RentMagic logo, then the main menu on the leftside will be shown or hiden.

Warehouse selection

Under the RentMagic logo you will find a selection field in which the active warehouse is stated. The warehouse which is located there is the one in which you are currently located. Because RentMagic is a flexible platform, you will be able to access all the warehouses you have access to at anytime form anywhere. Make sure that after you have logged in you select the correct warehouse, otherwise this might have some annoying consequences for your processes.

By pressing on one of the warehouse you will immediatly switch to it.

Main menu

From within the main menu every module that is assigned to you can be opened. Depending on your role within the company you do or don't have access to certain menu's. The main menu is always build up the same way, the main menu (1), submenu (2) and module (3). By pressing a main menu (1) you get shown all of the according submenu's. By pressing a submenu (2) every module (3) will be shown. By pressing a module, a new tab will apear with the module.


Every module that you open will be done so in a seperate tab. A tab can be closed easily. Or if there are a lot of tabs open at one time, you will be able to close them all together. The convenience of the tabs is that you are able to leave multiple modules open. You are able to change at anytime between tabs.

Watch out for having too many tabs open at once, if you do so you browser might experience some delay. If you were to switch to a different tab, you might want to renew the contents of it. This is able to be done by pressing 'refresh'. Certain overviews dont refresh on their own, so keep that in mind.

You can easily close a tab by pressing on it with you middle mouse click (if you have a third), or by pressing on the cross on the top right.

If on a certain moment in time there are too many tabs for the screen, then you can press on the arrow to reveal all tabs/modules.

You can press on the question mark per module to open the help tekst. A separate explanation is then given about that module, such as the explanation about the fields and the functionality.

Action bar

Within an opened module you will find an action bar at the top. This bar has buttons on it, which allow you to create a new item/record or delete one. This bar can differentiate between modules.

The action bar sometimes also shows up underneath in a submodule, we then call it a subaction bar.

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