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Verhoog je productiviteit met deze online verhuursoftware. Alles getegreerd in één softwaresysteem voor jouw organisatie. Materialen, klanten, administratie, planning en alle communicatie.

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If you require assistance during you work with RentMagic you are always free to consult the manual. If you are completely new and don't know how to navigate RentMagic, then it's recommended to make use of the tutorial.


The tutorial can be used to learn how to use RentMagic. The tutorial is a part of what is integrated into RentMagic and gives you the first clues on where to start. It gives some insights in necessary steps and allows you the possibility to learn how to use RentMagic. If you were to have gone through the tutorial you will have gotten a good feeling on RentMagic, how the screens are build up and how the processes are made up functionally. For more indepth information it is best to consult the manuals.


The manual (which you are currently reading) can always be opened from within that menu. A seperate tab in your browser will open so you can switch between tabs easily. The manual is extensive and covers every part within RentMagic, from all processes to even all the related information.


The contact form on the RentMagic website can be used to get in contact with us.

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