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Composition fields

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With this you indicate whether a composition can be adjusted when it is used within the system. An adjustable composition can therefore be "dismantled", quantities can be changed or items can be removed from the order. A non-adjustable composition can only be removed from an order in its entirety, but not the individual items or numbers.

Composition no.

The unique number for the composition. You can enter this yourself.


A clear and concise description of the composition which is used on documents and in overviews.

Detailed description

A more extensive description to use, for example, to inform customers or on a frontend (webshop or website). For example specifications can be entered here.

Maximum order level

The maximum number that may be ordered of these compositions by a customer.


An internal comments field. This is a free field.


The designation for which labels the composition can be used. Labels are often used for an informative indication or for filling an assortment on a frontend (webshop or website). Labels must be created in advance in RentMagic.

Module labels (Settings)


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