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Composition info and actions

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What is a composition?

A composition, as the word suggests, is a composition or set of one or more articles. A composition can be put together by means of articles in combination with a number, so that the correct number of articles that is sometimes required for another article can also be indicated. Think of accessories or accessories. A composition can be used throughout the entire process and ensures that all items within the composition are placed on, for example, an order. The designation of the composition can also be displayed on reports and documents, so that customers are also aware of this. The indication can also be informative, but it does give the correct picture to the customer.

Synonyms: set, package, article composition

Articles> Basic data> Assemblies

The overview of all compositions is now opened.

Add composition

If you want to add a composition, click on New.
There are a number of things to take into account when creating a new composition. Make sure you get a total overview of all articles with corresponding quantities that you want to use in the composition. When you have it complete, you can start making the composition.

When you have filled in all the necessary fields in the screen, click on save to preserve the composition. After saving, the composition details screen remains open.

After saving, the composition is created. Do not forget to complete the tabs at the bottom of the composition.

Change composition

If you want to edit an existing composition, double-click the relevant composition in the overview. The composition details screen will then be opened and you can make your changes there.

A composition can change every now and then. For example, articles can be added or removed. It is of course also possible that a number of them must be changed. After you have completed the adjustments, click save to save the data. The data of the composition are therefore directly active in the system. Of course, keep in mind that previously created documents with this composition remain unaffected. The old information of the composition therefore remains on these documents. After the changes have been made, it is recommended to go through tabs.

Delete composition

If you do not use a composition for a long time, it is possible to remove it. Compositions that have already been used will be maintained on the existing documents.

To really delete a composition, select the relevant composition in the overview. Then click delete to permanently remove the composition from the system. The process is irreversible.

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