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Serial number fields

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Serial no.

The unique number of the serial number. This number must be unique within RentMagic and is often self-coded. You can then give the song your own "format" so that it becomes recognizable. The article number is often used as leading characters within the serial number, so that a product can always be easily recognized or identified.

On backorder

If a serial number is still on a backorder, it is indicated with this field.

Article no.

The type of item of the serial number. The serial number is of the type of the selected item.

Linked to

If personal items are used, the serial number can be linked to an individual, for example a contact person in the system. This is used, for example, with clothing that really belongs to a specific person.


The current status of the serial number. For example, if a serial number has been rented out, it will be indicated in this field.

Last rented by

Which customer the serial number was last rented to.


If the serial number is a counter item, it is indicated here at which position the counter is. For example, a mileage or hours reading.

Created on

When the serial number was created in the system.

Purchase date

When the serial number is purchased, it may differ from the creation date in the system.

Purchase price

At what price the serial number was purchased.

Residual value

The residual value of the serial number after the serial number has been written off. This value is automatically entered from the article card during creation. The residual value can be different per serial number, but that is not usual.

Book value

The current book value of the serial number is a snapshot and is calculated in the following way:

Book value = Purchase price - ((Purchase price - Residual value) / Depreciation in months) / Age in months


  • Purchase price: purchase price on the serial number
  • Residual value: the residual value on the serial number (usually automatically copied from the article, but may deviate)
  • Depreciation in months: the time to write off from the article details, with the corresponding article.
  • Age in months: The calculated age in months from Purchase Date from Serial Number to now.

Costs on depreciation

Any costs incurred while using the serial number. This can be service or repair costs, for example, which are also included in the return calculations.

Total rental turnover

From the orders, the total rental revenue is calculated for the serial number.

Serial No. manufacturer

In addition to your own serial number, it is also possible to enter a serial number from the manufacturer or supplier.


Which warehouse the serial number is currently active in. By changing this field you can move a serial number directly.


Any internal comments on the serial number. It is a free field.

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