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Serial number info and actions

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What is a serial number?

Serial numbers are part of an article. An item can consist of one or more serial numbers. With a serial number it is possible to do a full track and trace, to keep track of exactly what happened to an item. When was the article rented out? When was the item under maintenance? To what extent has the item already been written off? What exactly has the article yielded so far? These are all questions that you can answer if articles or products are uniquely identified.

Items with serial numbers - and therefore the serial numbers themselves - can only be rented out. So you can only create serial numbers for articles of the type periodic or periodic/counter.

In many cases, serial numbers are created when the rented items exceed a certain value. The simpler or cheaper items are often not uniquely identified and do not need a serial number. Based on the policy in your organization, you can determine when you give an item serial numbers or not.

Synonyms: unique item, unit, asset

You can create serial numbers on the article details card, in the tab serial numbers.

Items> Basic data> Serial numbers

The overview of serial numbers will now be opened.

Explanation fields of a serial number

Add serial number

If you want to add a serial number, you press on New.
You can always add an extra serial number to an existing article with serial numbers. For example, if you have purchased a new product, you must create a serial number. When you create a new serial number, the stock will be automatically increased in the current warehouse. The serial number can then be made immediately available for rental.

Make sure you always enter a unique serial number during creation, this is a requirement of the system. It is desirable to draw up a certain strategy within your organization in order to maintain the correct numbering. So that the numbering is recognizable. To prevent contamination within the system, it is always better to use homemade serial numbers. Manufacturer or supplier serial numbers can also be added to a serial number, so that you can always trace where you purchased the product. Even in the event of a repair or warranty claim, you always have the original information at hand.

When creating a serial number, it is best to fill in all fields as completely as possible. When you have filled in all the necessary fields, click on save to save the serial number. After saving, the serial number detail screen remains open.

Explanation fields of a serial number

After saving, the serial number is created. Do not forget to complete or consult the tabs at the bottom of the serial number details.

Explanation fields within a serial number.

Change serial number

If you want to change an existing serial number, double-click the relevant serial number in the overview. The serial number details screen will then open and you can make your changes there.
You can change data of a serial number. It is also possible to switch a serial number from warehouse in the serial number details page. In addition to changing data, it is also possible to consult certain financial data, such as information about the depreciation and the turnover totals.

After you have completed the adjustments, click save to save the data. The data of the serial number is then immediately active. After the changes have been made, it is also advisable to go through the tabs.

Explanation fields within a serial number.

Delete serial number

If a serial number is no longer used, or is defective, for example, it is possible to remove the serial number. After deletion, the stock will be automatically adjusted. The serial number will be taken from stock at the relevant warehouse. If you want to keep historical information of the serial number intact, it is not recommended to delete the serial number. You better change the status.

To really delete a serial number, select the relevant serial number in the overview. Then click delete to permanently remove the serial number from the system. The process is irreversible.

Buy off

You can buy off a serial number when a customer wishes. That means if the customer asks during an active order to purchase a serial number, you do that from this module. The commutation ensures that the stock is mutated and that the serial number is set to inactive However, you must take care of the financial settlement yourself by creating a sales order for the relevant serial number. A surrender can only take place on a serial number, or unique copy.

Click on commutation to perform the commutation.

On hold/release

You can block a serial number temporarily or permanently. You do this by placing the serial number on hold After you decide to make the serial number active again, you can then unblock it again.

Click on on hold/release to block or unblock the serial number.

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