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Unit info and actions

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A unit is a rental or sales unit. So the unit you want to work with during the outgoing process. You can think of units such as:

  • Per unit
  • Per pair
  • Per 10 pcs
  • Per box

Items > Basic Data > Units

The overview of all the units will be opened now.

Explanation fields of a unit

Add unit

To add a unit, click new.
You can create a unit if you need one. The unit you create must be unique and is also the identifier for the unit you select on an item.

If you have entered into the field Description then press save to save the unit.

Change unit

If you want to edit an existing unit, double-click the relevant unit in the overview. The unit detail screen will then be opened and you can make your changes there.
You can change a unit, but make sure that the unit remains the same as such, after all, the selection of units on the already existing items will be changed. So do not change anything "per pair" to "per roll" if you have already used the unit "per pair" with existing items. Because that would mean that the articles get the new unity.

When you have made the change, click on save to save the data. The data is then immediately active.

Delete unit

If you use a unit too little or never, you can delete it. Make sure that these are no longer linked to the existing articles. If not, you can safely remove the unit.

To delete, select the relevant unit in the overview. Then click delete to permanently remove the unit from the system. The process is irreversible.

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