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Introduction article management

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It is possible to add products in RentMagic in various ways. There are different levels of input that can be used, whichever best suits your needs. RentMagic can use these levels: Compositions, Articles and Serial Numbers. Both compositions and articles can be placed in categories, which form the classification for, for example, a frontend (webshop).

In addition to the entry of the articles, there are of course many submodules that are important to go through. These provide the total information provision to correctly create quotations, reservations, orders and invoices.

Basic data


Articles are the basis of the system. Articles are the collection of all units that can be rented or sold. In general, these are physical products, but they can also be services or accessories.

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Serial numbers

In RentMagic we call the unique copies of articles the serial numbers. Serial numbers can be tracked individually, so ideal for track and trace. Building up history and providing services in the form of services is also possible on these unique serial numbers.

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A composition is a set of one or more articles. Within a composition it is also possible to add articles with a number greater than 1. With compositions it is possible to make packages of articles that belong together.

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The categories are often used on a frontend (webshop). Articles or assemblies can be placed in one or more categories to keep a better overview.

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Article groups

Article groups are necessary to be able to compile daily reports. It is possible to form turnover and stock totals which can be linked informatively to a financial administrative system. General conditions, such as price lists and discounts, can also be set per article group.

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An item always has a sales or rental unit. These are dynamically adjustable in RentMagic.

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Article periods

All prices of the rental items are recorded within the item periods module. The prices can be set per period. In this module you get an overview of all articles, with the corresponding period and price.

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Price agreements

Articles are rented for a specific period, at a specific price. However, this is the gross price. Special conditions for customers and / or customer groups can be set in the price agreements.

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In RentMagic it is possible to set up multiple warehouses or depots within one administration.

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If you work with large warehouses, it is wise to create article locations. This makes it possible to pick in a simple way.

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Stock mutation

Inventory transactions are the transactions that are made on items or serial numbers during the entire process. For example during purchase, sale or rental.

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