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Price agreement info and actions

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Items are rented for a certain period of time. Per item it is adjustable for which period and at what price it can be rented. At the item level, this is already set, but there may be exceptions for some customers or at certain periods. Depending on the choice within your organization how you proceed with pricing, it is possible to set them in this module.

The price-fixing module goes a step further. For example, you can...

  • make individual price agreements for customers
  • make price agreements for customer groups (price lists)
  • capture discounts for customers
  • set discounts for customer groups
  • capture offers for a certain period of time (seasonal for example)
  • commit contract agreements for a further period – these will be automatically picked up by the system

By checking all the fields within the price agreement, you can set up the definition of the price agreement according to your own wishes. Please note that RentMagic will always charge the most favorable price for a customer. If a price can be calculated by several price agreements that you have committed then RentMagic will always show the cheapest price. RentMagic is therefore 'customer friendly'.

Items > Prices > Price Agreements

The overview of all price agreements is now opened.

Add price agreement

To add a price agreement, click new.
You can create a price agreement in this module.

To create a new price agreement, you need to make sure that your information is as complete as possible. Fill in all fields as complete as possible. Click save to save the period with prices. After saving, the detail screen remains open.

Explanation of the fields of an article period

Change price agreement

If you want to change an existing price agreement, double-click the relevant price agreement in the overview. The retail price appointment screen is then opened and you can make your changes there.

You can customize a price agreement in this module. Note if you make changes, this module affects your system's pricing calculations.

After making adjustments, click save to keep the data. The changes will then take effect immediately, unless the date fields differ from the current date.

Delete price agreement

You can delete a price agreement in its entirety if you no longer use it. Be careful about removing price agreements as this affects the price calculations in the system. If a full price agreement is removed, the gross price is used for a customer.

To really remove a price agreement, select the relevant price agreement in the overview. Then click delete to permanently remove the price agreement.

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