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Location info and actions

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If you want to use order picking within RentMagic, you need to set up locations within your warehouse(s). It is possible to remove your items from the warehouse via certain walking routes by means of a pick order. However, it is then necessary to set this information within this module. Even if you don't use order picking, it is possible to create locations. These locations are then indicative of where the item is located in the warehouse. For example, a location could be a board or a scaffold in the warehouse.

Items > Warehouses > Locations

The overview of all locations is now open.

Explanation fields of a location

Add location

To add a location, click new.

If you want to add a shelve or warehouse rack to the selected warehouse, enter the necessary data and press save to keep the location.

Explanation fields of a location

After saving, the location is immediately available.

Change location

You can customize an existing location. Double-click the relevant location in the overview. Make your changes there.

You can change a location if you need to. Make your changes at the location and click save to keep the data. The changes at the location are active immediately and a possible change of the name of the location will also be implemented directly on the existing article file.

Delete location

If you no longer need a location within your warehouse, you can remove it. It is not possible to delete a location if there is an item or serial number associated with the location. You will first need to make sure that the location is changed on the item or serial number. After that, it is possible to remove the location safely.

To really delete the location, select the appropriate location in the overview. Then click delete to finally remove the location from the system. The process is irreversible.

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