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Certain orders are pre-entered. This can be done several weeks in advance, this means these will be so that they are less recent for the users. On an order it is possible to agree on a delivery date in addition to the rental period. Depending on the chosen delivery, it may mean that the order is picked up by the customer himself, but it is also possible that the order must be shipped. From the schedule it is possible to see the orders to be delivered. Orders can be individually opened and delivered from the planning board.

A delivery date is not a mandatory field on an order. This means that if no delivery date is entered, it will not get a red color when the delivery is late. Orders for which the delivery date is known, which has already been exceeded and has not been delivered, will turn red. From the overview it is only possible to open individual orders to perform actions on them.

The overview only shows the orders with the status open, which have yet to be delivered.

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