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Customer financial fields

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Chamber of Commerce no.

Registration in the trade register. In the Netherlands, the Chamber of Commerce is responsible for the implementation of the trade register, in Belgium an Accredited Enterprise Counter. In Belgium, the name will disappear to make way for “Crossroads Bank for Enterprises”.

VAT no.

The customer's VAT number. This field is certainly important when using foreign trade activities. If VAT obligations are defined within RentMagic, it is certainly important to also keep a customer's VAT number. More information can be found in the manual on VAT obligations.

Explanation VAT duties

VAT Duty no.

If VAT obligations have been defined within RentMagic, you must select a VAT obligation for a customer. During the trading process, the correct VAT will be displayed with the items. More information can be found in the manual on VAT obligations.

Explanation VAT duties

Amount of days between invoices

If invoices are regularly made from RentMagic, then it is not the intention that customers who take continuous orders receive an invoice every time. You want there to be an interval before a new invoice is sent. It Amount of days between invoices indicates when an active order enters the billing overview. After an active order has been invoiced, the order will only return to the billing overview after it has been closed, or after the number of days of this setting has been reached. If this setting is not created on a customer, the default is maintained from the system.


You cannot change the customer's balance. The balance is calculated from the system by looking at the totals of the orders and invoices. Payments made are deducted from the balance. The balance is therefore an important factor to allow trading activities to continue for this customer. In combination with the field limit wordt bepaald of er wel of geen orders aangemaakt mogen worden.

Usage limit

If a client is given a maximum limit to be able to create orders, which is very common in the trading spheres, you serve usage limit to turn on. If there are no limits, then in principle infinite orders can be created for this customer.


If limits are used, then the field limit the maximum amount that a customer can have outstanding orders. The limitation ensures that customers cannot continue to rent indefinitely without payment having already been made. It is a kind of means to protect your organization against large outstanding items. You can make agreements about this with a customer.

Payment method

Here you define the default payment method that will be shown on the generated invoices. Of course it is always possible to change this on an invoice in the meantime, for example with an order that should be paid once in advance, instead of the standard number of days. if you do not enter the payment method, the system will use the payment method set in the system settings.

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