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Customer group info and actions

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A customer group is used to indicate customers within a certain type of customer. It is possible to put together such a group within your organization. You can set it up completely according to your needs, but it is important to think in advance why certain groups of customers should be created. For example, if you want to set certain prices for a group of customers, or if you want to impose certain restrictions on a certain group of customers, you can consider creating a group for this.

A customer group is not mandatory to fill in on a customer card, so it is not mandatory to work with customer groups.

A customer can always only be placed in one group. This means that you have to think carefully about the structure of the customer groups in advance.

Customer groups are mainly used to compile price lists. In the price list composition it is specified that a certain discount or a fixed price for this group is issued for a specific item or item group.

Customers > Basic data > Customer groups

The overview of all customer groups will now be opened.

Explanation of fields of a customer group

Add customer group

If you want to add a customer group, click new.

Enter the description of the customer group in this screen and click on save to save the data. Click on save and new to immediately create a new customer group.

After saving, the customer group details screen remains open.

Explanation of fields of a customer group

After saving, the customer group is created in the system. Do not forget to open the tabs at the bottom of the details screen to enter further information.

Explanation of tabs within a customer group

Change customer group

If you want to change an existing customer group, double-click the relevant customer group in the overview. The customer group details screen will then be opened and you can make your changes.

After making the changes, click on save. The data of the customer group is now saved. Keep in mind that all customers placed in this customer group will also be changed automatically. A customer group is therefore not historically stored on the customer card.

After the changes have been made, it is advisable to go through the tabs as well.

Delete customer group

If a customer group is not used for a longer period of time, it is possible to delete it. However, all customers placed in this customer group will first have to be placed in another customer group. Previously it is not possible to delete a customer group. To delete a customer group, select the relevant customer group in the overview and click delete. The customer group is immediately removed from the system.

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