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Customer info and actions

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What are customers?

Customers are the organizations or people with whom trade is conducted. Every trade document (quotation, reservation, order or invoice) is linked to a customer. Customers can be assigned contact persons, so these persons become responsible for the rental of items.

A customer card contains a lot of information, both standard information that is important for trading activities, as well as financial data.

Customers > Basic data > Customers

The overview of all customers within RentMagic will now open.

Explanation of fields of a customer

Add customer

There are a number of things to take into account when creating a new customer. What data do you use exactly from a customer? Which are relevant to save, and which are not. It is very important to check whether other software is used to keep track of customers, for example. If you use financial software, there is a chance that customers will always have to be created in this system. A customer number or a debtor number is then already known. In order not to have any problems, it is important to keep the numbering of the customers in RentMagic the same with the numbering in the other system.

Sometimes customers are automatically created via the link with the other system. At that moment you do not have to take into account the creation of the customers. Of course it is important to change certain information on the customer card so that the trading activities run smoothly. Consider, for example, setting prices, specific customer prices, and filling dimensions. After all, not all information will come from a financial system, for example.

From the overview of the customers, click on new to create a new customer. Then fill in all relevant fields. When you have filled in everything, click save to keep the customer's data. If you want to create a new customer immediately, click on save and new.

After saving, the customer is created and the customer details screen remains open.

Explanation of fields of a customer

After saving, the customer is created. Do not forget to open the tabs at the bottom of the customer details to further complete the necessary information.

Explanation of tabs within a customer

Change customer

Customer data may change from time to time. If you do not use an automatic link with another software system in which the customers are tracked, it is possible to change the customers here. You can open a customer from the overview by double clicking on it. You will then receive the customer card for you and you can make adjustments. After you have completed the adjustments, click save to keep the data. The customer's data is then immediately active. However, keep in mind that already created trade documents, such as quotations, orders and invoices, still contain the data from before the change. After all, this information is historical, which means that it cannot be changed just like that. The new customer data will only be used for new trade documents.

After the changes have been made, it is advisable to go through the tabs as well.

Delete customer

If a customer is not used for a longer period of time, it is possible to delete it. However, keep in mind that all trade documents that are linked to this customer will have to be removed first. This is due to the fact that customer information is fiscally information that you cannot simply delete. Also, think carefully before taking this action.

Select the check box of the relevant customer in the overview. Then click on delete to permanently remove the customer from the system.

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