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Introduction relation management

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Trade is not possible without customers and suppliers. In RentMagic it is therefore possible to create your relations. You can create and classify your customers and your suppliers as you wish. Of course depending on (price) conditions and so on. In addition to the input of your customers and suppliers, it is also important to go through submodules, with which it is possible to fine-tune your data. Setting up all this information ensures the total information provision to correctly create your quotations, reservations, orders and invoices.

Basic data

Groups of customers

A customer group is used to indicate customers within a certain type of customer. It is possible to put together such a group within your organization.

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Customers are the organizations or people with whom trade is conducted. Every trade document (quotation, reservation, order or invoice) is linked to a customer.

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Contact persons

Contacts belong to a customer. They can be used in the trading process. Based on a chosen contact person you can see who is responsible for the rented items.

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A supplier is used to purchase items or to outsource a service (service).

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A certificate can be linked to an article and a contact person. If an item is linked to a certificate, a contact person who wants to rent the item must have the same type of certificate.

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