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Delivery method info and actions

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During the trading process it is easy to specify how the orders should be transported. In some cases it may also be that orders are picked up by the customer himself. That is why we speak of delivery methods. How is an order delivered?

Synonyms: transport methods, shipping methods

All delivery methods that can be used in the system can be created in this module. At a later stage, a standard delivery method can be saved for each customer, so that the correct delivery method is always selected during the creation of an order. In the order process, a different delivery method can always be manually selected if there is a temporary deviation.

Settings > System > Delivery methods.

The overview of delivery methods will now be opened.

Explanation fields of a delivery method

Add delivery method

If you want to add a delivery method, click new.

Enter the Delivery method field on the screen and click save to save the data. If you want to immediately add a new delivery method, press save and new.

Change delivery method

If you want to adjust an existing delivery method, double-click the relevant delivery method in the overview.

You can make the changes in the detail screen. After editing the data, click on save to keep it.

Delete delivery method

To delete a delivery method, you can tick the method by clicking the check box in the overview. Then click delete. The delivery method will be immediately removed from the system.

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