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Email history info and actions

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In the module email history you can view and delete all sent e-mails. After the system sends an email automatically, a copy of it is automatically kept in the email history. With this it is always possible to find out whether an e-mail has actually been sent. You can compare this functionality with send items in for example Outlook.

Note: If an e-mail is shown in the e-mail history, there is no complete guarantee that the e-mail has arrived at the receiving party. More information is best obtained from your system administrator.

Settings> Reporting & Email> Email History.


To delete one or more e-mails, you can select the checkbox (s) in front of the e-mail (s) in the overview. Then click delete. The e-mails are then permanently removed from the system.

Resend emails

It is possible to resend an email from the email history list. For example, if an e-mail has not arrived at the recipient, the e-mail can be sent again if desired. To resend one or more e-mails, you can select the check box next to the e-mail (s) concerned and then click send. After an email has been successfully sent, the field is send is checked.