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Email template info and actions

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Setting up email templates is crucial if you are going to send emails from RentMagic. The templates ensure the correct layout of the e-mails that are sent. Because you send the e-mail to your customers, it is important that the structure of the e-mail looks good. So make sure the template is set up properly and test it thoroughly beforehand. The system can send e-mails at various times, such as sending an order confirmation.

In the module email templates you can create, edit or delete email templates.

Settings> Reporting & Email> Email Templates.

The overview of all email templates within RentMagic will now be opened.

Explanation fields of an e-mail template

Add email template

To add an email template, click new.

You use an e-mail template for sending e-mail from RentMagic. Either automated e-mails or e-mails that you manually send from modules. Fill in the information for creating an email template as completely as possible. After filling in, click on save to save the email template.

Change email template

If you want to modify an existing e-mail template, double-click the relevant e-mail template in the overview. The email template details screen will then open and you can make your changes there.

You can adjust the fields you want to change. After adjusting, click on save to save the changes. After changing the email template, make sure to send a test email to check if the formatting is correct. The formatting may differ slightly from the intended result in an email itself, especially the content field in HTML.

Delete email template

If an email template is no longer in use, you better delete it. To delete an email template, select the check box and click delete. After confirmation, the template is completely removed.

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