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Payment method info and actions

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When an invoice is made, it is useful to know how the customer must pay. Does this happen afterwards, on invoice, or does it have to be paid in advance. Different payment methods can be created within RentMagic, which can be selected during the creation of an invoice. It is possible to set a standard payment method for each customer. During the trading process, when creating documents, a standard payment method will be selected which is known to that customer. It is then also possible to set a different payment method per document. In exceptional cases, an invoice may be made, the payment of which differs from other invoices for this customer. It is therefore also possible to change this per document.

Even if a link with the webshop or frontend is used, it is useful to know which payment must be made for a particular customer.

Settings > System > Payment methods

The overview of payment methods within RentMagic will now open.

Explanation fields of a payment method

Add payment method

If you want to add a payment method, click new.

To create a new payment method, press the button new in the action bar. Then fill in all relevant fields to create the payment method. Then click save to save the data. If you want to create an additional payment method, you can click on save and new.

Change payment method

If you want to change an existing payment method, double-click the relevant payment method in the overview. The payment method details screen will then be opened and you can make your changes there.
In this screen you can now make the adjustments and click save click when you're done. If the adjusted payment method has already been used before, the previous conditions will remain active. New conditions will only become active with new documents.

Delete payment method

To remove a payment method, you can tick it by clicking the check box in the overview. Then click delete. Make sure there are no more customers who have set this payment method as the default.

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