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Period fields

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The name of the period (for example “Week”) that you use throughout the system. This must be easily recognizable for all users who work with RentMagic.


The unit of the period, this is a period that is recognizable to the system. Please note that RentMagic itself only knows the units minute, hour, day, month and year. Each period that is created must consist of one of these units. The number is of course also important.


The quantity of the period indicates how often the chosen unit fits into the period.


Below you can see a number of periods that have been created.

A week consists of seven days. When you create this period, with the description “week”, select “day” at unit. There are exactly 7 days in a week. That is why the number is 7. As soon as the period “week” is known in the system, articles can be rented for one week. If a period “week” is selected for an article, a price can also be attached there. During the rental process, the weekly price will apply if the item is rented for a week or longer. The exact price is of course determined from the full price composition of the item.

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