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Period info and actions

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In the module Periods you can manage the periods that you use within the rental processes. Periods are used specifically for the rental processes, after all, the rental is streamlined by using rental periods. We need to know how long certain items have been and may be rented out. The standard periods are defined in this module. It is unusual to mutate in this on a daily basis, normally the periods are recorded during the start.

Within these periods, the period units must be recorded with which items are rented out. Periods can be, for example, a day, a week, two weeks, or a month. If you use times (see system settings use date and time) you can also create periods shorter than one day. You can, for example, rent by the hour.

The periods are also important for the prices of articles within your system. You can define article prices per period.

Settings > System > Periods

The overview of the periods will now be opened.

Explanation fields of periods

Add periods

If you want to add a period, click new.

In this screen you can create a new period. Of course, make sure that you do not create double periods, this can cause problems within the rental process. Fill in all relevant fields at the touch of a button save to save the data. Click on save and new to immediately create an extra period. The screen remains open after saving.

Explanation fields of a period

The period is created after saving. Do not forget to complete the tabs at the bottom of the details screen.

Explanation of tabs within a period

Change periods

If you want to edit an existing period, double-click the relevant period in the overview. The period details screen will then be opened and you can make your changes there.
It is always possible to change an existing period. This is not a common practice. A change of a period can affect the rental process, especially for the price calculations. After making the change, press save to save the data. The change will then take effect immediately.

After the change has been made, it is advisable to go through the tabs as well.

Explanation of tabs within a period

Delete periods

If a certain period is no longer used, it is wise to delete that period from the system. It is not common to delete periods. A period cannot be deleted when certain articles are linked to this period. To delete a period, select the check box for the period in the overview and click delete.

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