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Dimension info and actions

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Dimensions are used to record additional information on an order line. Examples of dimensions are cost centers, staff members or projects. The dimensions defined here are general dimensions and can be used by any customer. These can therefore be used system-wide. In addition, it is also possible to create customer-specific dimensions.

In simpler rental situations, dimensions are usually not used. A field as reference on an order already provides enough information. Dimensions are intended for B2B purposes where additional information must be recorded during the ordering process. This functionality is often used for larger companies, where internal settlements are processed. It is then possible to meet the customer with RentMagic for a bit of extra information capture. During the preparation of reports, it is also possible to create collective invoices, for example. You can show a grouping per dimension on these collective invoices. RentMagic offers a bit of "extra added value" for your customers here.

If dimensions are defined, it is not yet mandatory to use them within the rental process. For some customers it will not be relevant to record dimension data.

Settings > System > Dimensions

The overview of all dimensions within RentMagic will now be opened.

Explanation fields of a dimension

Add dimension

If you want to add a dimension, click new.

In this screen you can record the dimension and at a later time you can create the so-called dimension objects. Dimension objects are defined per customer, and are always of a dimension type. For example, the dimension "Personnel" can be created here and later the dimension object "Piet Jansen" can be created for a customer. When you have entered information for the dimension, click save to preserve the dimension. The dimension can then be used immediately. Click on save and new to immediately create a new dimension.

Explanation fields of a dimension

After you have saved the dimension it is possible to define fields. You can find more information about this under tabs.

Explanation of tabs within a dimension

Change dimension

If you want to edit an existing dimension, double click the dimension in the overview. The dimension details screen will then open and you can make your changes there.

You can always change the description of a dimension at a later time. Edit the information in the dimension details screen. Then click save to save the data.

After the changes have been made, it is advisable to go through the tabs as well.

Explanation of tabs within a dimension

Delete dimension

If a dimension is not used for a longer period of time, it is wise to clear this dimension as well. All historical data created in the past on the dimension to be deleted will remain. Reports will not be affected either. Removing the dimension only affects the rental process itself. During the creation of an order, the dimension will no longer be shown.

To delete one or more dimensions, you can select them in the overview by clicking the checkbox. Then click delete. The dimensions are immediately removed from the system

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