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Vervangen orderregels

The replaced order lines shows a total overview of all order lines (ie items and / or serial numbers) that have been replaced or not yet fully completed. The list consists of order lines, not just orders. With this overview you keep an accurate picture of the status of a replacement. The status indicates which replacements have yet to be completed. Of course, you cannot complete until the customer's items / serial numbers to be exchanged are taken, which means that the exchange is complete. After all, if the collection never takes place, it would mean that the customer retains two articles / serial numbers.

Substitutions that take place too late are colored red.


  • Order no.: The order for which the replacement must take place or has taken place for.
  • Line no.: The order line within the order for which the item has been placed and for which the replacement must take place or has taken place.
  • Status: The current status of the replacement. This is in fact the initial status when creating a replacement. The status can be:
    • Returned pending approval: The replaced products have been returned to the warehouse, but still need to be checked before the final status of the replacement is approved.
    • Replacement closed: The replacement has taken place and a choice has been made for the final status, this has been split or approved.
    • Replacement canceled: If the replacement does not proceed, it can be canceled. For example, the customer indicates that the products do not need to be replaced after all.
  • Final status replacement: When the replacement has taken place, it is decided what the final status of the replacement will be. The status can be:
    • Empty: The replacement has not yet taken place or has been canceled.
    • Approved: The replacement has actually been completed and the product to be replaced has actually been returned.
    • Split: The replacement has been completed but the product to be replaced has not been returned. Both the product to be replaced and the replacement product are now active at the customer. An extra order line has been created on the original order.
  • Original article no .: The article number of the product to be replaced.
  • New article no.: The item number of the replacement product. It is not recommended, but it may differ from the original item. Take into account the price calculations and conditions of course.
  • Original serial no.: The serial number of the product to be replaced.
  • New serial no.: The serial number of the replacement product.
  • Replaced on: The date when the replacement was initiated. Usually this is also the date when the replacement product is shipped to the customer.
  • Date of intake: The date when the product to be replaced is taken back. This intake must take place before the period in days expires after the date of replacement.
  • Reason for replacement: A reason to be chosen for replacement. These reasons can be managed in this module.
  • Period for replacement (in days): The number of days to complete the replacement. This means that the customer has this number of days to return the product to be replaced. If this period is exceeded, the lines are colored red.


The replacement can be shipped. Click on send to actually ship the replacement item to the customer.


If, while waiting for the products to be replaced, it is decided not to return them, it means that the replacement can be closed with a split. That will be the final status split and the replacement goes on status Replacement closed.


If the products to be returned have been taken back, the status is returned pending approval. If the collected products have been approved, the replacement can be completed by clicking on executed. The final status then becomes Approved and the replacement is complete.

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