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Report templates info and actions

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In the report templates module you can manage report templates. You can create, edit or delete report templates. You need a report template to generate reports. A template tells more about the layout and design of what a final report should look like. The templates can be fully customized to your liking. The built-in report generator is very comprehensive.

Reports can be created for use within the system. These are so-called document reports, linked to a type of document within the system. However, it is also possible to define and organize your own reports. These reports are not linked to a standard document within the system, but they are free reports that you can access at any time. These reports can be made, for example, for monthly reports, or management reports.

Settings> Reporting & Email> Report Templates.

The overview of all report templates within RentMagic is now displayed.

Explanation fields of a report template

Add report templates

To add a new report template, click new.

Fill in all fields to create a new report template. Then click save to keep the template.

If you set up the RentMagic environment with multiple languages, it is recommended to create the various report templates in various languages. During the work process within RentMagic you can select documents if necessary. The desired language can then be selected from the overview of the templates. Even if multiple currencies are used, it is recommended to create different report templates for this as well.

When creating a report template, you can also indicate which email template can be used. This is only necessary if the report generated by the system can also be sent by e-mail.

Explanation fields of a report template

After creating your report template, you will also have to design the content of the report template.

Explanation about designing the report template

Change report templates

You can modify an existing report template if necessary. Double-click the report template in the overview and edit your changes. You can also change the content of the report.

A report template can always be customized. This is also often the case when a layout or design change is made within the organization, such as changing the corporate identity. After making your changes, click on save to save the changes. The changes are effective immediately when a report of this template is opened.

In addition to making changes to the template itself, it is often necessary to adjust the template design.

Explanation about designing the report template

Delete report templates

A report template that is no longer in use can be deleted.

If you no longer need a template, you can delete it. In some cases, it can also be confusing for the users that redundant templates keep popping up. To delete a report template, select the check box and click delete. After confirmation, the template is completely removed and no longer accessible.

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