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Roles and permissions info and actions

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In the module Roles and permissions you can create, modify and possibly delete different roles that are used within the system. In this module you can also set up the role as you wish and assign the rights. After all, not every user will have the same role within the organization. The roles can then be assigned to users through the module Users. Each user is always assigned to one role.

Settings > Users > Roles and permissions.

The overview of roles and permissions will now be opened.

Explanation fields of roles

Add role

If you want to add a role, click new.

You should only create a role if it is really necessary. Fill in all relevant fields to create the role. Then click save to save the roll. If you want to create an extra role immediately, click on save and new. After the role has been saved you can further set the role.

Explanation fields of a role

After saving, the role is created. Do not forget to check the tabs at the bottom to check the further settings on the role and adjust where necessary.

Explanation of tabs within a role

Change role

If you want to change an existing role, double click on the relevant role in the overview. The role details screen will open and you can make your changes there.

You can make your changes or open one of the tabs in the sub-action bar. After making your changes, click on save to save the data. The changes take effect immediately. It is not possible to change the admin role in the system.

After you have made the changes, it is advisable to go through the tabs below.

Explanation of tabs within a role

Delete role

To delete one or more roles, you can tick the role (s) by clicking on the selection box in the overview. Then click delete. Make sure that all users in the system for these roles have already been deleted or that they have been assigned a different role.

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