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Key formats and counters info

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In the module key formats and counters you can edit document counters and key formats (how a number is composed).

Key formats and counters are used to set the length and the so-called mask of the numbers on documents such as customers, invoices, orders and packing slips. For example, you can set for orders that the order number always starts with the letters VO (rental orders) and then a series of 5 characters. The mask then looks like this: O@5. The value at counter indicates which number the last document in the series was given.

Be careful when using this module. Normally these settings are done before using RentMagic.

Settings> System> Key formats and Counters

The overview of all keys will now be opened.

Explanation fields of key formats and counters

Change key format

In the overview of the key formats and counters, you can double-click on the relevant table in which you want to make a change.

In the overview of the key formats to counters, you can double-click on the relevant table. You can then change the fields and click save to save the changes. Be careful with this, this is an unusual operation. Again this is not an everyday action and you have to make sure you want to make changes. Incorrect entries can cause conflicts and problems in the database.

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