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Token info and actions

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A token is an API key (Application Programming Interface) used by computer programs that call the RentMagic API. This makes it possible to identify the calling program, its developer or its user. API tokens are used to track and control how the API is used, for example to prevent malicious use or abuse of RentMagic.

The API token acts as a unique identifier and as a secret token for authentication. There are also a number of access rights associated with it. If you need more information about integrations with RentMagic please contact your partner.

You can manage API tokens in this module, so that you remain in full control of integrations with RentMagic.

Settings > Users > Tokens.

The overview of all tokens within RentMagic will now be opened.

Explanation fields of tokens

Add token

To add a token, click new.

To create a new API token, click new. Then fill in all relevant fields to create the token. Then click save to keep the token. If you want to create an extra token directly, click on save and new. After the token has been created, a unique number is automatically created, which can be found in the field token. If desired, you can communicate this with the developer or use it for the other application. The token is also active immediately after creation.

Explanation fields of a token

Change token

You can open an existing token, but you cannot change it. You will have to create a new token if you want to apply an extension, for example.

Delete token

You can delete a token that you no longer use.

To delete one or more tokens, you can select the token (s) in the overview. Then click delete. Make sure you select the correct token and that you know the functionality behind the token. Deleting a token can cause the application to malfunction. Once the token has been deleted, it cannot be recovered because of the uniquely generated number associated with the token.

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