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Verhoog je productiviteit met deze online verhuursoftware. Alles getegreerd in één softwaresysteem voor jouw organisatie. Materialen, klanten, administratie, planning en alle communicatie.

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User fields

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User name

The username of the user, with which the user logs in. This must be unique and will be used as a reference within the application.


The e-mail address of the user. This must also be unique.


The password with which the user can log in. If you want to change your password later, enter a new password in this field.

Confirm password

When creating or changing a password, enter the new password again to confirm.

Is confirmed

When creating the account, the user will first receive an email with a confirmation link to confirm the account. The account can also be confirmed directly in this screen.

Is locked

Blocks a user and prevents the user from logging in.

Standard warehouse

Ensures that the user is set to a specific warehouse by default, every time the user logs in, this selected warehouse will automatically be active.


The rights of the users are defined in roles. You must choose a role for each user so that the rights structure is known.
Note: this field is only visible if the system setting “single contact person per user” is disabled.

Contact person

When a contact person needs to be able to log in to rent items, for example, a new user can be linked to an existing contact person. This often occurs in a situation when a frontend is heavily used, for example when RentMagic is combined with a webshop. Note: this field is only visible if the system setting “single contact person per user” is disabled.

Full screen mode

If this field is enabled, the users will automatically work in full screen mode.

Standard menu after login

You can set a menu here that the user will immediately enter when logging in to RentMagic.

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