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User info and actions

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In the User overview it is possible to manage users of the system. You can create, edit and delete new users here. Users are people who can log into the system, but they can also be users for a possible frontend, for example an informative website with information about rental items and a webshop that is a lot more extensive. A user is then linked one-on-one with a contact person. A contact is linked to a customer.

Regardless of the chosen license and number of users, an infinite number of users can be created in the system. The chosen license, or the number of user licenses active on the system, only affects the number of concurrent users. Simultaneous users means: the number of people who log into the system at the same time.

Settings> Users> Users

The overview of users within RentMagic now opens.

Explanation fields of a user

Add user

If you want to add a user to the system, you press on new

To create a new user, press new in the action bar. Then fill in all relevant fields to create the user. Then click on save to save the user. If you want to create a new user immediately afterwards, you can click save and new .

Explanation fields of a user

If your RentMagic is set up to be able to link multiple contacts to one user, you can also go through the corresponding tabs.

Explanation of tabs within a user

Change user

You can edit an existing user. Double-click the relevant user in the overview. The details screen will open and you can make your changes.
To edit an existing user, double-click the user's username. The current settings and data of that user appear on the screen. You can now make the adjustments. Then click save to save the user's data. The changes will take effect immediately.

If your RentMagic is set up to be able to link multiple contacts to one user, you can also go through the corresponding tabs.

Delete user

To delete a user or multiple users you can tick the user (s) by clicking the checkbox next to the username. Then click delete and after confirmation, the users will be permanently deleted. Make sure you do not lock yourself out by accidentally deleting your own user account. For security, it is not possible to delete the admin user account.

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