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Warehouse info and actions

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In RentMagic it is possible to add multiple warehouses in one administration. A warehouse can be a depot or branch. In addition to system settings, it is also possible to configure a number of settings and tables per warehouse. You can set per user whether or not to provide access to the warehouse. In fact, it is possible to configure and set up the entire organization in one administration, even if you work with multiple branches.

The warehouse is completely central to RentMagic. All commercial documents, such as reservations and orders, are also linked to the warehouse. This means that you can build your own trade flow per warehouse. However, this can be set up entirely through the system settings.

Module system settings (settings)

Items > Warehouses > Warehouses

The overview of all warehouses is now opened.

Explanation fields of a warehouse

Add warehouse

To add an additional warehouse, click new.
You can add a warehouse, but you can't change the name of the warehouse. So think carefully before creating a new warehouse.

Once you've entered the fields, click save to create the warehouse. The warehouse is created in the background in RentMagic, and all associated links to other tables and information are configured for you.

Explanation fields of a warehouse

After saving, the warehouse detail screen remains open. You can then go through the tabs to set any additional settings.

Change warehouse

You can only change a warehouse for a part within RentMagic. The restriction has to do with the construction of all kinds of information within rentmagic's system structure. If there is an urgent need for a change of a warehouse name, please contact your RentMagic partner.
You can only change a warehouse for a limited time. You can't change the name because it's referenced in the RentMagic table tree. This means that other modules use the warehouse and that means that this information cannot be changed without a doubt. If there is an urgent need to make changes, please contact your RentMagic partner.

However, you can use tabs to set up other information on a warehouse. Go through the tabs from the warehouse detail screen to see where changes are needed.

Explanation tabs within a warehouse

Delete warehouse

You can't remove a warehouse from the system. Contact your RentMagic partner if there is an urgent need to remove a warehouse from the system.

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